Don’t let retirement catch you unprepared – start saving now!

from Adelina Moisan, Fsp Invest to 30 Oct. 2014

Tags: saving for retirement, retirement savings, retirement planning tips, planning for retirement

When you think about retirement, you’re likely to feel overwhelmed. Planning for this stage of your life is crucial, yet many people are caught unprepared.

How can you make sure that retirement doesn’t catch you by surprise? Which steps need to be taken in order to ensure a comfortable, stress-free retirement?

Here’s what you need to know about retirement planning.
Set retirement goals
You can’t achieve anything if you don’t set specific goals. A retirement goal can be adjusted according to your needs, and should constantly... read more

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What types of businesses can you start as a housewife or stay-at-home mother? [read more]
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Are you asking yourself how to make some extra cash on the side? Then you’re not the only one. Most people would love to increase their monthly income, but fail miserably because they remain stuck in the wanting stage. If you want to make money on the side, you better start thinking of ways to put your skills to work in your favor.

You have three main options:   - starting your own business; - advancing in your career so you can earn a higher income; - looking for ways to generate passive income.   Let’s take a look at each of these... [read more]
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I hate debt! And the thought of paying off a car loan for a number of years doesn’t sit well with me. I know I’m not alone on this one, since six out of ten people borrow money to buy their cars. These loans are some of the largest financial debts that many people have to pay off. They can drag from 60 to 72 months gaining interest every single month! For this reason, I’ve found a way to pay off my car loan early. Not only does this increase my monthly cash flow, but it improves my credit scores. So, If you’re feeling hopeless and don’t know how to go about... [read more]
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In today's economy, I know you stress about paying the monthly bills, paying your kids school fees and worrying if you have enough money to basically live for next the month. I understand that these tough times have you knee-deep in debt. But I want you to think twice before going with that “last hope” option of making a deal with a loan-shark… I recently read about a woman from Stellenbosch who got caught in the loan-shark’s trap and was left with less than R50 a month for herself and her five children to live on. Can you imagine being in the same situation?... [read more]
Im a young guy of 20 . im without money for tertiary so how can i raise money [read more]
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CLIVEC asked:
hi Aiden, would like to read more or find out more , about this story, the link [read more]
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Discover how to start your own property empire with just R10,000 down!

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When it comes to talking about money issues and agreeing on a budget, most couples encounter difficulties. Many couples actually split up due to money-related issues, which means that knowing how to manage money as a couple is extremely important. Few people have solid money management skills. For most people, talking about money and sticking to a family budget doesn’t come easily.

Here are some tips to help you successfully manage money as a couple.    Take time to understand each other’s view on money   We all have different... [read more]
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Hi, I see you mention in some of your recent newsletter that EOH and some [read more]
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chantalk asked:
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sarahw asked:
I've recently met a business owner who is struggling to make his business work. [read more]
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If you’re a stay-at-home mum or housewife who has some spare time on her hands, why not consider starting your own business? It’s a great way to stay active, feel like you are making a difference, and make good money at the same time. What type of business can you consider starting? That depends mostly on your skills and expertise, on how much risk you are willing to take, and on how much money you can afford to invest.

Starting a business may not be easy, but it’s definitely rewarding. Here are some interesting business ideas to... [read more]
George11 asked:
I'm trying to buy a house soon but I still need help with my down payment. What [read more]
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sarahw asked:
After you graduate from University, how can you make a decent living if you [read more]
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chantalk asked:
How can I get started with financial planning? I want to be able to save more [read more]
Published at 06 Oct. 2014 in: Personal Finance Money management 1 answer
Six steps is all it takes to pay off all your debt and make way for your dream retirement...
If, like my mom, you’re 55, earn R360,000 a year, have no current retirement savings and spend R10,900 servicing your monthly debt, discover how my six-step approach can help you.
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