10 clever tips to save money every day

from Adelina Moisan, Fsp Invest to 23 Oct. 2014

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We love finding new ways to save money and increase our budgets each month. That’s why we’ve compiled another list of ways to reduce your expenses without taking extraordinary measures.

The following money-saving ideas can be implemented with minimum efforts. The most important thing is to get started and make saving a priority.

1. Take better care of yourself to avoid high health care costs. This means quitting smoking, drinking less, eating healthier, and working out regularly.
2. Cook at home instead of eating out. You end up spending a whole lot of money when eating out. You can reduce your monthly expenses by cooking at home several times a week.
3. Always go... read more

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We all know that a business cannot survive without having a professional-looking and functional website. But many small business owners make the mistake of diving in without knowing exactly what their website should look like or cover. Here are five things to consider before creating your own business website.

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It seems like everyone wants to start their own business these days. The problems most aspiring entrepreneurs face are finding a profitable business idea and getting the business off the ground. If you’re still in the beginning stage, struggling to find a suitable business idea that will help you achieve your full potential, we’ve compiled a list of small business ideas that require low initial investments to help get you started.

These business ideas are easy to start and can be run from home.   Business idea #1: Catering services   If... [read more]
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Have you noticed that some bosses are very easy to get along with and empathetic, while others are impossible and possess no real management skills? What does it take to be a remarkable boss in the eyes of the people who matter the most – your employees?

One thing is for sure: not all bosses are created equal and not all people are made to manage a group of individuals. Some bosses are natural leaders, motivating employees and helping them reach their true potential, while other bosses can’t manage to gain their employees’ respect no matter how... [read more]
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Six steps is all it takes to pay off all your debt and make way for your dream retirement...
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We all know how much of a success Steve Jobs was. In 2009 Jobs was named the CEO of the decade. Before he died Apple’s net worth was over $108 billion. His inventions changed the way people interact with technology today. In fact, many of his followers saw Jobs as a superhero! But remember, Jobs wasn’t the flawless character everyone makes him out to be. He made a lot of mistakes, spent money on useless projects and worked with the wrong people. In business mistakes are inevitable but as a business owner who’s looking to turn their start-up into success, you... [read more]
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If you’re on the verge of retiring, you’re probably wondering if you’re going to manage to survive in retirement. Maybe you haven’t been able to save enough money for retirement or you don’t want to go from leading an active, fulfilling lifestyle to having a boring, sedentary life. Many soon-to-be retirees find themselves looking for new ways to make money when they approach retirement. Couples who retire at the same time can take up various activities that allow them to increase the household income and stay active for longer.

Here are four business... [read more]
chantalk asked:
Hi there, I wish I could save more money each month, but I can't seem to [read more]
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George11 asked:
How do you come up with a workable strategy for managing finances as a couple? [read more]
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sarahw asked:
Which types of business have the best chances of thriving in the near future? [read more]
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