Investing 101: The ins and outs of unit trusts

from Julie Brownlee, Fsp Invest to 06 Mar. 2015

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If you want to invest on the stock market, but you don’t want to pick individual shares or have to deal with a stock broker, there is another option.

You can invest in unit trusts instead.

So what is a unit trust? And how can you invest?

Read on to find out…

What are unit trusts?

Unit trusts are funds containing a collection of shares or other assets like bonds.

A useful way to think about a unit trust is to imagine you and a lot of your friends decided to put your money together to invest. You then employ the services of a fund manager to invest the money for you on the stock market.

This is how unit trusts work, but on a far larger scale.

Unit trusts all... read more

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