Profitable Farming Businesses To Start In 2013

Businessideasclub, 20 Dec. 2012

Tags: farming business, animal business, profitable business, innovative business opportunities

For all those searching for innovative business opportunities, we have come up with a list of profitable farming businesses you can start in the near future. Although animal businesses require a larger investment, the financial satisfactions are definitely strong incentives for assuming the risks and developing such a venture.

We’ve come up with a list of the most profitable farming businesses to start in 2013:
Start a viper farm
This is a financially attractive business due to the fact that viper venom is very expensive and there are many development possibilities. Starting a small viper farm would require an initial investment of R100,000 and you will need to have the necessary space to raise not only vipers, but also the mice you will use to feed them. A laboratory for processing the venom is also required. This is not the easiest business to start, but it’s one of the most profitable, as one gram of venom can be sold for up to R20,000!
Start a leech farm
Another extremely profitable business idea which you can start in 2013! Although leeches are extremely unappealing, they can be incredible sources of profit. There is a growing demand for leeches, as they are used in many industries, especially for their therapeutic properties. Leeches have been widely used for centuries for treating various diseases. They are intensively used to treat blood clots and thrombocyte. A leech farm has a 30% annual development potential.
Start raising quails
These small birds are easy to grow and are very resistant to illnesses. In less than 7 weeks, they reach maturity and start laying eggs. Quails are easy to raise, since they only require the basics: some food, water and clean cages. They eat very little and can provide approximately 300 eggs per year. Quail eggs are not cheap, so you will have a constant profit. Moreover, these birds are also valuable for their meat.
Start a lobster farm
This is one of the most promising businesses to start, as there is a constantly growing demand for lobsters worldwide. Here are just a few good reasons to start a lobster farm: they’re valuable for their tasty, refined meat, which is rich in protein, calcium and vitamins and low in fat. Lobster meat can be sold to restaurants, fish markets, supermarkets, individual clients, hotels and hostels and large retailers. A lobster farm requires a moderate investment and you don’t need to purchase fancy, expensive equipment. 


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