Four Profitable Farming Business Ideas In 2013

Businessideasclub, 09 Jan. 2013

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For all those who are interested in starting their own farming business in 2013, you should know that there are many business opportunities which shouldn’t be neglected. Most of them require large investments and sustained efforts, in order to develop and become profitable. Rest assured, though, that your efforts will be properly rewarded.

We’ve analyzed and done some research and here are the top farming business ideas we’ve come across, which we believe will become increasingly profitable in 2013:
1. Snail farming
This was a successful business in 2012, and it will continue to be so in 2013. Snails are popular not only for consumption purposes, but also because their slime is used in the production of cosmetics. Beauty products containing snail slime have become increasingly popular, especially in the US.
Why should you start raising snails? Because the initial investment is rather low, there will always be a market demand for snails, and snails require minimum maintenance and care. Taking into consideration that only about 20% of the global snail demand is currently covered, raising snails could prove to be one of the most profitable farming businesses to start in 2013.
2. Viper farming
Why should you grow vipers, you may ask? The answer is simple: viper venom is extremely expensive and could bring you incredible profits in the long run. Just think about it: 1 single gram of venom can cost up to R23,000. A viper farm doesn’t require large initial investments and you get a return on your investment in approximately 1 month. Raising vipers for venom is one of the most profitable businesses to start in 2013, no doubt about it!
3. Leech farming
Another extremely profitable business you can start this year is leech farming. Leeches are used for treating various types of diseases and such treatments can be quite expensive (up to R100,000). Actually, one kilogram of leeches costs around R2,000, which means that investing in such a business could be a really smart move.
4. Lobster farming
Even though they aren’t attractive, lobsters can help you become rich. That’s because a lobster farm can be one of the best investments in 2013, due to its high profitability level. This is another type of farming business which doesn’t require incredibly large investments, you can actually start this business with an initial capital of R60,000. Lobsters are considered delicacies by many people and they’re a popular dish in expensive, luxurious restaurants all across the globe. Profits can be huge, up to R350,000 a year.

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