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"Business ideas for young people"

Which type of business ideas would you recommend to young people with little or no entrepreneurial experience? Something that is not so difficult to start and doesn't require huge investments.

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 User  sarahfoster asked at 29 Mar. 2013


2 answers

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 Expert suzanner answered to question to 01 Apr. 2013
I would recommend an online business (blogging, online shops, selling handmade items, developing forums, virtual assistance services), gardening / landscaping services, small repair businesses, social media consulting, SEO consulting, web design, manufacturing handmade soap, jewelry, vintage clothing, etc.

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 User rofhiwa.lethole answered to question to 22 Apr. 2014
Hi Sarah

i have a bussiness opportunity for you that can help you earn unlimited income, you can do it anywhere you want,anytime. it is gonna give you freedom(more time and more money to spend with your family).

you only need less than R4500 to start. visit my website and if you want more info you can contact me on my cell, the number its on the website.


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